Afternoon at NCMA Park

Winter decided to revisit us and brought bitter cold temperatures back for most of the week. Yesterday afternoon, finally, the sun was shining, the wind not so strong, and the temperature climbed into the upper 50s. We needed out. So my daughter & I headed to the NCMA Park to explore and see it’s newest installation – a large pig structure intended for children to climb in and enjoy.

NCMA Park Pig

We had fun checking out this bright white & orange pig. Her climbing in and sliding down. Me watching and cheering.

NCMA Park Pig

We spent time wandering along the paths exploring some of the other sculptures in the park. She was in awe of the “big circles.”

NCMA Park: Explore

She found flowers for me in one of the grassy fields.

NCMA Park: Dandelions

I taught her how to blow dandelion seeds.

NCMA Park: Dandelion Wishes

We took a moment to try out one of the benches and take a quick selfie.

NCMA Park: Bench

The rocks on the path to the car caught her eye and required attention. She was very specific in her search as she filled her hand with her treasures. (We did leave them behind.)

NCMA Park: Rocks

This hour spent at the park was one of the highlights of my week. Filled with simple enjoyment and time together.

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