Beauty and the Beast Date Night

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Date night beyond the couch with a bowl of popcorn after the kids have gone to bed is a rare thing. And going to the movies even more so. To the point we couldn’t remember the last time we went to a theater together. Sunday night, with my mom here to watch the kids, we ran out after putting our youngest to bed to catch an evening showing of Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast Date Night digital scrapbook page

Supplies: Snap Shots template and Nothing Too Serious papers by Pink Reptile Designs; Project Mouse World: United Kingdom, Classic bundle, Princess Edition papers and elements by Britt-ish Designs and Sahlin Studio; Chéri elements by One Little Bird; Of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams Part 2 collab.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as most of my Disney movie experiences have been the animated versions. We even rewatched the earlier version of Beauty and the Beast with the kids recently.

I loved the new movie. It was full of musical numbers. There were new songs to enjoy as well as old favorites plus the choreography was a delight to watch. The storyline itself was a bit different from the animated version which I appreciated. I enjoyed the new twists. They helped keep the movie from being completely predictable and tied a few loose ends together. One such detail was something I had never even considered while watching the animated version (and, yes, I’m leaving it that vague so as not to spoil it for any readers that haven’t seen the movie yet).

I’m also glad we went without the kids. Besides the obvious (getting a night out alone), I also don’t think either is quite ready for this version. Our daughter (2) is definitely too young and the scary parts, plus a couple of darker moments in the storyline, might be a bit much for our son (7) right now. We might reconsider when it’s released on DVD.

Have you seen (or plan to see) the new live action Beauty and the Beast movie?

Linking up with Mommy & Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious? – nope, no kids in this, but I did get a photo with my husband. 🙂

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