DIY No Soliciting Sign

A quick text with an image and “can you make this?” from my sister. Me? Of course! I grabbed a few wood scraps from our playset roof and got to work creating a simple “No Soliciting” sign for her.

DIY Wooden No Soliciting Sign

It was a quick and easy DIY project. Enough so that I think I may make one for myself next to help deter those unexpected sales pitches.


  • (3) 1×6″ treated wood boards, 16″ long
  • (2) 1×4″ treated wood boards, 14″ long
  • Stain
  • Vinyl
  • Transfer paper


Step 1 Stain the boards and allow to dry per manufacturer’s instructions. I used Minwax Espresso.

Step 2 Design your text in the cutting software. Then cut it out of adhesive backed vinyl.

Step 3 Decide on placement for your text. I used my chalk line to mark simple lines on the boards to help keep my lettering placement straight.

Step 4 Peel away the vinyl lettering leaving only the outline of the words. Apply transfer paper directly onto the vinyl and smooth out. Once the transfer paper is firmly in place, gently pull it and the vinyl from the backing.

Step 5 Place transfer paper/vinyl where you want your words. Press firmly and smooth out any bubbles. Then gently remove the transfer paper so only the vinyl remains.

Step 6 Use paint and a foam brush to paint in the words. Let dry for a few minutes, then carefully remove the vinyl from the wood.

Step 7 Allow the painted words to dry completely. Seal with an outdoor urethane sealer to protect.

Prop up your sign on your front porch near your front door and enjoy!

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