After School Pick Up

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I’m trying to remember to capture some every day moments in our albums. It’s easy to focus on the highlights (holidays, vacations) and forget to document the here & now. One of those routine things is after school pick up.

After School Pick-Up digital scrapbooking page

Credits: August [2016] Template Challenge Freebie by Heather Joyce; Per Diem and Start Here kits by Sara Gleason; Today brushes by Karla Dudley (“Daily Routine”).

I pick up both kids most weekdays. It’s simple, it’s routine, but also something that will change over time. Even how they sit will soon change. It won’t be long before she’s forward facing. She’s currently 2-1/2 years old and we’re keeping her car seat rear facing as long as possible. Thankfully, she doesn’t know any different and isn’t fighting it.

And, while he is now technically old enough, he’s not quite tall enough to get out of the booster seat in my car. The seatbelt doesn’t quite hit him over the shoulder where it should. So, for now, we’re continuing to use his highback booster. (Don’t stress his seatbelt placement. I snapped this selfie while parked and he was reaching over to adjust the mirror.)

What does your after school pick up or evening routine look like?

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4 comments on “After School Pick Up

  1. My five year old and I fill the bird feeder and grab the mail everyday. She used to be the one to fill the bird feeder but she has learned the art of delegation at a young age! I'm also occasionally directed to pull weeds from the flower bed so she can climb the rocks on the retaining wall. All in all our after school routine looks like dad doing a bunch of chores and the kid having fun!
  2. My older two, soon to be three will come home on the bus...but I will pick up the youngest from preschool still. We just recently turned her around a little before 3.5...and honestly it was because it was easier for everybody to get into the van. The oldest two are still in boosters, one backed and one backless and the 5 yo is still in her convertible. Krystyn @ Really Are You Serious? recently posted...12 exciting things your kids will see on the behind-the-scenes tour at Georgia AquariumMy Profile

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