Flood Relief: Cleaning Kit Buckets

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Last month our church worked to collect cleaning kit buckets to send to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to help with flood relief efforts. To participate you could take a bucket home to fill with the required items. Or, you could write a check for a set amount to cover supplies for one. Lazily, I wanted to do the latter. Until my son spoke up asking if we could fill a bucket.

UMCOR Flood Bucket Complete

I realized then that we needed to take a greater action than pen to paper. Our kids would learn so much more through taking the time to purchase supplies to fill a bucket and physically placing each item. Better yet, our son could even help purchase some of items with his own money.

We started him on an allowance just after his birthday. He has 3 envelopes to disperse his earnings into each week – spend, save, and tithe. He pulled $14 from his save and tithe envelopes to use (admittedly $3 went toward Pokemon cards – a fair split for an 8 year old).

UMCOR Flood Bucket Suppplies

After purchasing all of the items on the list, we followed UMCOR’s instructions for filling the bucket. Starting with the bigger items and then filling in gaps with the smaller items.

UMCOR Flood Bucket Filling

I double and triple checked our list as we filled the bucket to be sure nothing was forgotten.

UMCOR Flood Bucket Complete with List

Once complete, we took it to church to add to the others. While we may not physically be able to go to Texas, Florida, or Puerto Rico to help – these buckets, and many more filled by other churches, are headed to those places and hopefully will help bless those that receive them.

UMCOR Flood Buckets in Church Sanctuary

This post was not sponsored by UMCOR. Simply sharing because this was something we participated in and support.

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