Body Back: Halfway Point

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I’m just over halfway through my first Body Back session now. We started week 5 on Monday. I’ll confess, there are some days when the class starts and I wonder what I have gotten myself into. Especially when burpees are involved. I think that’s hands down my most dreaded exercise. I have to mentally coach myself through each one. Then it’s on to the next exercise and the next. In a blur the class is over. I’m catching my breath and inwardly proud of myself. I did it. I made it through one more class. One more challenge.

Body Back: Week 4 Progress Photo

Over the course of the last 5 weeks, I’ve taken 12 classes. It hasn’t gotten easier. There are still moments where I struggle through an exercise or think I don’t I have an ounce of strength left. But the truth is, my body and muscles are changing. It might still be challenging, but I can do more reps. I can lift a bit more weight. I can do actual push ups. I can even get through a few of those dreaded burpees.

I’ve also made pretty drastic diet changes. My grocery list, favorite snacks, and meal plans are probably 75% different than they were in December. I can easily eat at or even below my recommend calorie intake for the day now and be completely satisfied and full.

Greek Yogurt, Fruit, and Granola

And, of course, there is my weight. The scale is slowly decreasing as the weeks go by. An even better gauge of the changes? Pants that were tight on me at the start of the session are fitting me now.

I have still have work to do to meet my goals and also time to accomplish them. Change doesn’t happen overnight. In December I set a goal for myself to achieve by mid-May. Body Back has given me the start I need to get there. Now to keep pushing forward and making the necessary effort to get myself to that goal in the next 3 months.

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    • Thanks! The hardest part has been making the time commitment. Thankfully, it's become a ritual for the entire family that I'm out certain nights of the week. To the point that I signed up for another 8 week session!

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