I recently started buying YoBaby yogurt for Dylan – who loves it and devours every bite. The packaging advertised a rewards program via the Stonyfield Farm website. Being a frugal minded mama, I, of course, went to check it out. While on the website I registered and found the page for printable coupons. I made […]

Diaper Bag Love

Last April a group of friends from church gave me a surprise baby shower and part of their gift was the diaper bag we’d registered for. Trent & I picked out the bag on a whim while registering at Babies ‘R Us because he said he’d carry it. If the husband will carry the diaper […]

Ribbon Ring

When I reorganized my scrap room last year, I devoted one drawer in my Crop In Style unit to Ribbons & Punches. I don’t have a large amount of either so they fit nicely. The down side to this solution is that the drawer is getting full and I’ll often forget about the ribbon while […]

Mochas and Green Meatballs

Updates on yesterday’s post… I tried out the Magic Bullet this morning and made iced mochas for Trent & me. Very quick, very easy and very tasty. We’ll definitely be having those again.Tonight I used it to puree some bananas (for Saturday’s breakfast of French toast) and broccoli for tonight’s dinner. I made Spaghetti Pie […]

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