Saturday at the Museum

Today we went into downtown Raleigh to view the Mysteries of the Lost Colony exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of History with family members. The exhibit ends Monday so there was a rather large crowd for it. We waited in line for an hour for our turn. Interesting exhibit though as it was a […]

Busy Weekend

Last night was a lot of fun. Trent & I went out to dinner with friends at 518 West in downtown Raleigh. We were there to celebrate a birthday. [hi, Kevin! LOL He didn’t want us to embarrass him at the restaurant — ie, birthday dessert, singing, etc. We behaved then, but I’ve got to […]

Wolfpack Victory!

Part of our reason for returning from Orlando yesterday was to attend today’s football game between NCSU and UNC. We shivered through the entire nailbiter of a game. It literally came down to the last few minutes and, thankfully, a 31-27 Wolfpack victory!

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