OBX 2012

We were fortunate to spend the past week at the beach with friends and family. We had the same group from last year plus my mom and the mother of one of my friends (altogether 8 adults and 5 boys ages 3 and under). Nags Head Fishing Pier With a hurricane out in the Atlantic […]

Wanna play a game?

Several times a day now, we hear “wanna play a game?” I first picked up a couple classic kids board games (Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders – albeit the last one is the Toy Story version) in the spring at a thrift store and consignment sale respectively and the interest in games began. Not […]


I’ve blogged about both my JJ Cole diaper bag and Maclaren stroller in the past.  Love them both for their style, practical use and affordability.  Add to that fabulous customer service by both companies. I first contacted JJ Cole last year when the fabric on my original System bag began to pull apart.  I had […]