Here’s a card I made tonight. Inspired by Feb 21st of dw2008 to use a fortune as a greeting. I found this fortune in my stash and thought it would be perfect for a graduation card. It reads: Believe in your abilities, confidencewill lead you on. Supplies: Die Cuts with a View card; Paper Salon […]

I Can See Clearly Now…

No rain, but definitely clear blue skies. 🙂 After work I had my yearly eye exam. I had been pretty excited to see this time come as I could tell my vision was off. Surprisingly, it was only my right eye which had worsened. I was expecting to hear both had changed. I happily drove […]

Back on my Feet

Feeling much better today. Perhaps I needed that forced day of rest to prepare for the week. I’m back on my 5:30am walking routine and had a hectic day at the office. Now I’m ready to relax and crash soon so I can be ready for my walk in the morning. Thank goodness for our […]

Grandpa’s 86th Birthday

A brief post as I’m a bit under the weather today fighting a migraine. Not so much pain at the moment as a drug induced haze courtesy of Zomig. But it’s much better than how I felt earlier. I’m just slower and run down feeling. Needless to say, no creating has occurred. Yesterday, we traveled […]

Good Customer Service

There was a time when the motto “the customer is always right” ruled. I’m often doubtful these days that some have even heard the phrase. Every once in a while though, I’m reminded that not all is lost. Here are my recent 3 examples: Coca-Cola – In mid-December, I purchased a 20oz Coke from a […]

Nemo & Friends

I did manage to create one page in my cat mini album. And start a list of supplies I want for it. LOL Thankfully, it’s a short list so far…. Afterwards I decided to work on my Disney album a bit more and created another digital page for The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction […]

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