Manic Monday

The Bangles keep running through my head today. It’s been a LONG one. I was grateful to walk in the front door tonight and, at least for a few hours, leave work behind. We had planned to try and make the yoga class at our gym. However, Trent had stayed home today not feeling well […]

Saturday at the Museum

Today we went into downtown Raleigh to view the Mysteries of the Lost Colony exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of History with family members. The exhibit ends Monday so there was a rather large crowd for it. We waited in line for an hour for our turn. Interesting exhibit though as it was a […]

Just for Laughs

Things around here have gotten a little un-tidy, to put it mildly. Kind of ironic when I have posts labeled with “organization.” 😉 So this afternoon, I began to do a little picking up. As I moved things to their appropriate spot – the shred pile, the trash, another room – I noticed a small […]

My First Scrapbook

I had inspiration from 2 different spots for tonight’s post. The first was a visit to SpiderGirl’s Web earlier today & reading Angela’s post about her first scrapbook. Then I saw the latest 2ps blog challenge & it was along the same train of thought. I confess, it took me a second to dig this […]

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