If I had one million dollars to donate

Today’s 2ps blog challenge: If you had to donate one million dollars to any charity, which one would it be and why? I’d donate the money to the National Parkinson Foundation. My maternal grandmother suffered from Parkinson’s most of her life. I saw first hand how devastating it can be not only to the afflicted […]

Magical Week

Home again. 🙂 My husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday. But, rather than just enjoy a day – we flew to Orlando last Saturday and spent the week at Walt Disney World. We visited all four theme parks, Downtown Disney and the waterpark, Blizzard Beach. It turned out to be a wonderful […]

My New Fav Toy

Purely a fluff post. 😉 I wanted to show off the newest and current favorite item in my scrap area. I’ve looked at this Pottery Barn Kids art caddy from a distance for a year or two. Finally decided to go ahead and treat myself while shopping with my mom in mid-Oct. It was well […]

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