5 Things I’m Thankful For

Leading into the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I would share 5 things I am thankful for right now… Our warm, cozy home (especially during last night’s cold rain!). My anything but boring job that gets me out of the office and into interesting places. Weekly lunch dates with Trent. Dylan’s prayers at dinner and bedtime. I […]


Inspired by my friend, Allison, I thought I’d take a go at the “currently” post. Currently, I am … reading travel books in preparation for a trip to the UK; Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes; rereading parts of What Was Lost: A Christian Journey through Miscarriage by Elise Erikson Barrett – such a book […]

Banish the Blues

Yesterday I found myself hit with what I’m calling the “Thursday blues.” Almost through my 2nd full week of work here and it’s still an adjustment. It hit me hard yesterday because Thursday was our playgroup day for 3 years. Admittedly, we weren’t there every time, but we were there a good number of them (plus […]

Briar Chapel 5k

Briar Chapel 5k

I confess, as pumped as I was Friday night about the race – I was equally nervous Saturday morning. The nerves seemed to disappear once we arrived at Briar Chapel. I left my husband & son as I searched out registration. I joked with Allison that this is the first “modern technology” race I’ve ever […]

Mad March Competition – Round 4

This challenge is definitely getting tougher with each round! My jaw dropped when I saw the list of requirements for Round 4 on Friday afternoon. It took some time, but I pulled it off. The requirements: Warp three shadows – top left circle, photo and large right circle Use 4 circles Subject: All About Me […]

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