Welcome, Elise!

We were very excited to welcome our newest family member on October 17th – Elise Vivian! She arrived in the early morning hours and just a bit smaller than her brother at 8lbs 4oz and 20-3/4 inches long. We’re still adjusting to our change to a family of 4, enjoying getting to know her and […]

First Day of Kindergarten

Dylan won’t be 5 for a few more days, but he officially started kindergarten last week! We have year round elementary schools here and were excited to be assigned to one. This means he gets a break every 9 weeks plus holidays and has one week off between school years. Being the scrapbook/photo book/photography loving […]

Four-esta Celebration

Skippyjon Jones has been a fixture in our house for the last few years. We have almost every book including an autographed copy of Cirque de Ole and a loved plush Skippyjon. So when I came across an idea on Pinterest for a Skippyjon themed birthday party last year, the Four-esta Celebration planning began. I based the […]

First Flight

Our flight to Orlando in early May was Dylan’s first flight. Minus the fact that Trent wasn’t with us (he was already there for business), I am glad this milestone waited until now. He was old enough to understand and get a bit excited about the whole thing. He did surprise me by spending most […]

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