Not Quite Ready

Not Quite Ready

In the past month, I’ve lost count how many times I have been asked, “aren’t you ready to have this baby here and be over pregnancy?” or something along those lines as people have eyed my ever growing belly. No. I’m approaching 38 weeks in a few days and I can still honestly say that. […]

Do You Believe?

Yes, I’m talking Christmas in October. Last December, our elf Christopher Pop-In-Kins surprised Dylan with a gift that included a plush elf. He liked it then, but, like many toys, was eventually sidelined and ended up in a bucket of stuffed animals in Dylan’s room. Until this summer. A couple of months ago while playing […]

Banish the Blues

Yesterday I found myself hit with what I’m calling the “Thursday blues.” Almost through my 2nd full week of work here and it’s still an adjustment. It hit me hard yesterday because Thursday was our playgroup day for 3 years. Admittedly, we weren’t there every time, but we were there a good number of them (plus […]

Christmas Angel

I’ve tried to write this post multiple times in the last few days and keep struggling with the right words. There really are none. So instead I focused my energy on releasing some of my grief through another outlet. Supplies: DHD Spring Menagerie papers; Butterfly Kisses elements by Karen Funk; 2peas Dragonfly font.

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