As The Belly Grows

I’ve been asked by several different people lately to see the “pregnant me.” Truly there was no belly before last week to photograph. Last night I asked Trent to help me with photos that will show off the new belly and another cute outfit. And, yes, suddenly I have a thing for pink shirts – […]

Pregnancy Brain

I think Trent is starting to believe me that this is indeed a real symptom. One website I found referred to it as “baby brain drain” which he found much more amusing. So, I apparently now have BDD. And, I too, wasn’t quite sure what all the fuss was about until this week. Here are […]

Craving #2

I’ve been caught off guard this week by a sudden craving for cantaloupe. I like cantaloupe, but have never had the need to have it like I do this week. Monday I made a mid-morning run to a store near the office to pick some up. Yesterday I stopped on the way into work and […]

Craving #1

I’ve been fortunate that except for the week I dared to try taking prenatal vitamins (they are evil!), I haven’t had any morning sickness. I’ve returned to my OB approved Centrum + folic acid to make sure I’m still getting those important vitamins so the baby & I are healthy but without the sickness. I […]

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