Not Quite Ready

Not Quite Ready

In the past month, I’ve lost count how many times I have been asked, “aren’t you ready to have this baby here and be over pregnancy?” or something along those lines as people have eyed my ever growing belly. No. I’m approaching 38 weeks in a few days and I can still honestly say that. […]

Jellybean Baby Shower

Over the weekend,┬áBaby Girl & I were spoiled with a Jellybean baby shower by our dear playgroup friends to celebrate her pending birth. These 5 friends I met when I was pregnant with Dylan in early 2009 and we’ve been together since celebrating all those milestones from births to birthdays. Baby Girl will be the […]

A Name for Baby

We’re a little over a month away from meeting Baby Girl and the birth certificate forms are completed except for one detail – yes, she is still nameless. While Dylan has called her “Ellie”, “Jellybean” and even “We love you, baby, and can’t wait to meet you” (I told him we can’t name her a […]


Currently, I am … thinking about how fast this year is going. Dylan is already in his third full week of kindergarten. I just entered the 3rd trimester with this pregnancy. Only 3 more months (plus a tiny bit if she’s stubborn like her brother?) before we meet Baby Girl. And, no, we definitely do […]

Baby Girl

So grateful on Monday to hear that our newest little family member is growing and looking totally healthy! Also fun to learn that Dylan was right all along – he’s getting a little sister. Supplies: DHD January blueprint template; Blossom and Claire kits by Karen Funk; Gidget paper pack by Gennifer Bursett; Spring Menagerie collaboration […]


Can I stress that word enough?? It’s easy to get lost in the craziness of life and forget to be grateful. I assure you, I had a bit of forgetfulness yesterday. But as I write this, I’m glad it was just a moment and that I’m finding a lot to be grateful for lately … […]

Our Next Big Project

It seems we always have a project going on around the house. Our latest one is pretty big (well, getting there!) and I’m not referring to our kitchen project. We’ve been sitting on a little secret … Yes, that would be our newest, tiniest family member. And we have a very excited little boy who […]

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