Travel Photo Contest Entry

For the last couple of years, I’ve intended to enter the local paper’s annual Travel Photo Contest. I procrastinated and never did. This year? I procrastinated to within 2 hours of the end of the submission period. But, I got it in. Part of my issue has always been picking one photo. I love lots […]

Alice, Narnia and Harry Potter

Part of the fun in Oxford earlier this month was learning a bit of literary history. Several famous authors and their stories have a tie to this beautiful city and the University. On St Aldate’s St is a shop with a red door – Alice’s Shop. It’s where the real Alice, inspiration for Alice in […]

Last Week

Trent & I spent the past week in England splitting our time between Oxford and London. Although we returned on Friday afternoon, I’m still absorbing everything we did and saw in that time. Our first visit ever so we packed it full. Here’s a small glimpse … The Headington Shark Chapel ceiling at Queens College […]

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