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Assorted fabric masks.

12 Positives About Mask Wearing

July 23, 2021 Sarah Coggins
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Honestly, when masks were first discussed last year, I was hesitant. It took an open mind and listening to science to change my opinion. One thing that has struck me in the time since is how, like so many other issues in life, we can choose to look at masks in a positive light or a negative one. It’s really as simple as is the glass half full or half empty. I choose half full. That has inspired my parenting on this subject and, I truly believe, made mask wearing a more accepted part of daily life for my kids.

Woman wearing Frozen 2 themed face mask in front of Troll topiary at Epcot.

Here are 12 positives about mask wearing:

  • Mouthing words to songs in public and no one knows! I can’t be the only one that starts singing along with a song playing over the speaker system in a store. I do keep the volume low, but now I can sing along and no one actually sees me doing it.
  • Less makeup! I’m not a big makeup wearer, but I have definitely appreciated (and pretty sure my skin has too) the use of it even less over the past 18 months. Whether I’m home and wearing none; or heading out and only really have to worry about the eyes and forehead. No one is seeing the lower half of my face under my mask.
  • Crooked teeth? Orthodontics? Food stuck in your teeth? A mask conceals all of these things!
  • Helps hide acne. I feel like this (along with the covering teeth) could be a huge benefit in middle and high schools. Ok, even at times in my 40s it’s a blessing to have a mask block a breakout from view. I applaud masks for this.
  • Bad breath. Think of all the teachers not being exposed to their students’ bad breath during the school day. And, I’ve even heard of a few people realizing that they personally have bad breath because of wearing a mask forces them to actual smell it. The positive here is that now they know and can take action to prevent it going forward.
  • Reduces and/or stops nail biting! When a kid is wearing a face mask all day at school, they can’t get their fingers to their mouth to bite. Easy peasy way to help break the habit.
  • Free pass for extra space! Getting the side eye from others when you are in public wearing a mask because they assume you’re unvaccinated and/or sick? Let them make assumptions and enjoy the added space as they (hopefully) maintain distance from you. Personally, after 18 months of social distancing, I appreciate my personal space and am happy to have people stay back.
  • Annoyed? Stick out your tongue behind that mask. No one will be the wiser (well, be cautious of what your eyes give away – don’t glare as you do it unless you want the person to know).
  • Less sunscreen when outdoors! Obviously, still be cautious and know that your mask material may not actually provide real SPF protection especially if it’s a fabric one you’ve made yourself. But, you will still have your lower face blocked from direct sunlight which is a positive. This was a definite benefit of wearing masks during our visit to Walt Disney World in April. No sunburnt noses or cheeks.Mother and daughter wearing matching Minnie Mouse face masks on Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride.
  • Block pollen. Our family discovered how great masks were outdoors during the spring when seasonal allergies flared up. Wearing a mask helped limit pollen reducing our sneezing and runny noses without additional medication.
  • Make a fashion statement! There is pretty much no limit to what style, color, pattern you can have for a face mask. I’ve sewn up quite a few Disney themed ones myself and have enjoyed seeing some of Jaime’s fun ones featuring The Office and Schitt’s Creek. Coordinate with your outfit, rep your favorite sports team, make a statement – it’s entirely up to you.
  • And, of course, the number 1 reason to wear a mask is to limit the spread of germs. Wearing a mask protects both the wearer and those around them. Do it for yourself, your family, and even strangers so we can get past this pandemic and move on to healthier days.

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