5 Fun S’mores Recipes

Friday is National S’mores Day! If you were waiting on an excuse to make s’mores this summer – now is the time. Growing up, s’mores were a rare experience and we stuck to the tried & true recipe: graham crackers + marshmallows + chocolate bar.

5 Fun S'mores Recipes

Today, there are so many more ways to make and enjoy this fun, camp inspired dessert. Here are 5 of our favorites:

Peanut Lover

Add a bit of peanut butter to the original. Or swap the chocolate bar with a peanut butter cup.

Monkeying Around

Add slices of banana to your original s’mores.

Mint Chocolate

Use chocolate graham crackers and mint chocolate bars for a true chocolate lovers dream dessert.

Peaches and Cream

Use white chocolate and slices of fresh peaches for a fun, seasonal twist.


Drizzle on some caramel sauce or try a chocolate bar with caramel inside.

What is your favorite way to enjoy s’mores?

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