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New Front Entry and Landscaping

A Fresh Look: New Front Door

June 22, 2019 Sarah Coggins

Every home deserves a beautiful entry and ours has been patiently waiting. We started with a repair to the front porch and a fresh coat of paint plus new hardware on the existing door. As well as adding the planter from our old house plus a brand new doormat. These things helped for a while, but unfortunately age and weather had finally taken its toll on the door system. This was particularly evident following Hurricane Florence when our front door was literally swelled shut from the rain. Thankfully, we already had started the process to replace it all. First came the new roof over the porch and then the new front door system.

Out with the Old

I was more than a little excited the day our old front door was removed. It had served us well up until it didn’t want to open any more. I’d never loved the design. The clear glass sidelights I covered with clear Contact Paper during our first months in the house to provide a bit more privacy. Before then, you could see straight through the house from the front door! This was a big reason I made sure to order privacy glass with the new door system.

I worked from home the morning the door and surrounding windows were replaced. Catching glances of the demolition and installation. The moment the installers removed the old system and tried to carry it out, I had to laugh. The wood was so rotten that, rather that staying as one unit while they carried it to the truck, it literally fell apart!

Removing the Old Door System

If that wasn’t a sign that we timed this perfectly, I’m not sure there could be a better one. I got a closer look and the wood damage was quite obvious at the threshold as well. Before the new door was installed, they removed the damaged wood and replaced it.

Damaged Wood at Front Door

So grateful it was an easy fix before they installed the new door and that the damage did not go further into our house. It also reinforced how smart our decision was to add a roof over the porch as well. Finally, we won’t have to worry about water at any of the entries to our home.

Painting and Hardware

When I first painted our original front door six years ago, it took me a while to pick a paint color. Our first house had a black door and, while I loved that, I wanted something different. I ended up selecting a blue color. It perfectly complemented our light siding color and bricks on the front elevation while giving the entry a pop of color.

Paining the new Front Door - 2019

I literally went back to my old post to check the color name before heading to Lowes to buy more. As I painted it on, I realized it made me just as happy the second time around.

I also purchased the same hardware for the new door – it was something I really liked that we had added the day we bought the house. The old would have worked, but was worn and weathered. I opted to just buy a new set so the entire door would be fresh and new.

Front Porch with New Roof and New Door System

It has truly been a joy to see this project come together. We now have a beautiful entry with a door that opens with ease. Simple things that make a big impact in curb appeal and function. Also another little way we’ve made this house our home.

Front Porch: Before and After (2012 - 2019)
Before (2012) and After (2019)

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