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Waiting for Santa 2016

Annual Santa Photos

December 15, 2016 Sarah Coggins

This post has been sponsored by Orajel™. All opinions are mine alone.

Each year we meet with friends the week after Thanksgiving for our annual Santa photos. We aim for a group shot and, if we’re lucky, a few individual family shots. Some years it goes better than others.

Waiting for Santa 2016

There have been smiles, tears, and sometimes a mixture. It’s never a dull event to say the least, but that’s part of what makes it one of my favorite holiday traditions. Especially since it means time with good friends.

This year started off with my daughter having absolutely no interest in Santa. She barely came into his fenced in area. Then clung to me. I about accepted a group photo minus her. It’s happened before within our group. However, I decided to chance holding her and standing just behind Santa’s chair. The other mommies jumped in too and we had a our photo – without any tears. (Although she was less than thrilled about it.)

Santa 2016 digital scrapbooking page

Supplies: December 2016 template and Sprinkles v21 elements by Valorie Wibbens; To Gather mini kit by Mommyish; Pops kit by Allison Pennington; Block Party kit by Amber LaBau.

Later, after a train ride and dinner with our friends. My son gently coaxed his sister to return to Santa. We had a to wait a few minutes for him to return from his own dinner break. Maybe it was this time hanging out together around the photo area and snapping a few quick photos. Maybe it was the reassurance of her trusted older brother. Maybe it was a bit of Christmas magic. But she let him lead her up to Santa and place her on the chair for a photo. She still didn’t smile, but we did get a cute shot of the two of them with Santa.

Santa Photo 2016 - IG

While holiday photos can be unpredictable, like most parents, I hope for broad smiles and a quick capture when they do appear. To prepare for these moments, I work with my kids throughout the year to keep their smiles healthy and bright by practicing good brushing habits – from assisting and checking behind their efforts to making sure they have brushes and toothpaste available.

Orajel™ Kids' Toothpaste and Toothbrushes #Smilehood #ad

During our visit with Santa I got a little heads up that he’ll be leaving new toothbrushes and toothpaste for both kids in their stockings this year. Apparently healthy smiles are important to the big guy in red as well.

Does your family visit with Santa each year?

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I’m excited to have been a part of the Orajel™ Smilehood Community for 2016 and share tips & products that can help our kids achieve healthy teeth. Healthy teeth go beyond just a pretty smile – they can improve your overall health. Take a look at my past posts for Keys to Teaching Your Kids Healthy Teeth Habits, Tips for Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth, Travel with Kids – Don’t Forget the Toothbrush!, School Photos: Putting Your Best Smile Forward, and Celebrating World Kindness Day.

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