Back to School: First Day Photos

While others are gearing up for the start of – or have just begun – the school year, a solid six weeks have passed since the first day for us. Six weeks! We’re currently enjoying a break (well, my son is – it’s everyday normal for the rest of us!) and I’m finally getting around to those first day photos.

Back to School 2015: First Day of First Grade

Supplies: Document Your Joy kit by Meredith Cardall; Redefined by Sue Cummings; Road to Success kit by Karen Funk

I chose my favorite photo to use on the layout for his album and kept it simple. Letting the photo be the center of attention. He’s too cute to not be the focus of the page!

I love carrying on this simple tradition of first day photos with him even if it’s a little different from when I was a kid. I remember getting dressed a bit nicer on the first day (hence, my encouragement to get him in a collared shirt & khakis) and posing in the driveway with my siblings.

New to our family tradition is the addition of the sign (thank you, Halllmark! Psst … these are back in stock here) and repeating the “first day” outfit on the last day. I caught that idea online (thank you, social media!) just before his last day of kindergarten in June. I thankfully still had the shorts from last year, but had to improvise with a new, similar shirt. This year I’m going to be more cautious of saving this outfit when the weather gets cooler and stashing it where I can find next June. It’s amazing enough the difference in their growth in a year’s span, but combined with the same outfit? Mind blown.

Kindergarten: First & Last Day Photos

But for now, let’s just slow down and enjoy the start of the year wherever that falls.

Do you take first day photos or have another first day of school tradition with your kids?

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