Cars Blanket

Yesterday Dylan and I went fabric shopping for a couple of gifts I am working on.  While browsing, we came across flannel with Disney’s Cars characters Lightning McQueen and Mater.  Cars is a favorite of Dylan’s right now and he was very excited.  I set the bolt across the cart in front of him.  He kept pointing at the cars saying, “ca, ca.”  How could I not buy a little bit?

After he went to bed last night, I referenced two tutorials (The Crafting Chick’s Minky Baby Blanket and A Feathered Nest’s Simple Baby Blanket).  Using the Cars fabric and some dark brown minky dot, I made Dylan a blanket.  It’s overall size is 32×36.

Cars Blanket

Perfect timing as a little impromptu gift for our sweet boy who turns 18 months today!  I gave him his new Cars blanket this morning.  He immediately began running his finger around it making car sounds.  I’m taking that as “thanks, Mom!”  🙂

Cars Blanket

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  1. That's so cute! I can't believe you made a whole blanket after he went to bed! Lately after Grant goes to bed, I just eat! ;) I've got a minky project in the works for G, so we need to talk about any sewing tips you have!

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