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Cow Appreciation Day Picnic at Home Decor

Celebrating Cow Appreciation Day at Home

July 2, 2020 Sarah Coggins
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Sadly, even Cow Appreciation Day has been affected by COVID-19. This is a fun event my kids and I have enjoyed for the past 5 years. Instead of just adding it to our list of cancelled events, we decided to have our own fun and celebrated Cow Appreciation Day at home.

Cow Appreciation Day at Home Title

Pick a Fun Location

I cleared the floor in the playroom to set up an indoor picnic. We’re in the middle of a hot, humid summer so outdoors at lunchtime was not an option. My kids were surprised and excited at this option. Especially my youngest. When she found out, her eyes got wide and she asked, “we’re eating in here?!” Yes!

Cat and Child Dressed up for Cow Appreciation Day at Home


We literally grabbed items from around our house to decorate and did this minutes before placing our order in the app and heading to the restaurant. I pulled out our Eat Mor Chikin signs and cow headbands, the tiered tray from our foyer table, every plush Chick-fil-A cow we could find, leftover cow print fabric, a toy cow from our Fisher Price advent set, the kids’ Uno Moo game, a few rope rings from our pirate toss game, Chick-fil-A masks from recent kids’ meals, and the garland from our Halloween trunk or treat decorations.

Setting Up Indoor Cow Appreciation Picnic

Cow Picnic Decoration Details

At Home Picnic Decor for Cow Appreciation Day

Dress Up

You might be eating at home, but you can still dress up and get into the fun! Late last year the kids and I painted plain white shirts with black fabric paint. We put these on for quick cow style comfort and the kids’ added their cow headbands. Super simple.

Enjoying our Cow Appreciation Day Picnic at Home

Order Ahead

I ordered our food through the Chick-fil-A app before we left the house and selected Curbside Pick-up. When we arrived, I found an empty spot, entered my number in the app, and within a few minutes we had our order delivered to us. Then we headed home to enjoy our picnic.

Chick-fil-A Mobile Order with Curbside Pickup


Set out your food around the picnic blanket. If you want, serve it up on paper plates for a little more festive fun.

Chick-fil-A Sandwich with Waffle Fries

We hope you have as much fun celebrating Cow Appreciation Day at home as we did!

This post was not sponsored or requested by Chick-fil-A. We simply enjoy the fun of the annual Cow Appreciation Day and wanted to share a fun idea to entertain your family during these continued times of quarantine.

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