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Using our Volo Stroller at the NC Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

September 20, 2010 Sarah Coggins
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Last month I mentioned that I would be doing a review for CSN Stores. They kindly gave me an opportunity to shop again and I jumped at the chance to finally buy the stroller I had been drooling over – the Volo by Maclaren. We already had two strollers – our large travel system stroller (great for long walks, the mall, etc. but too bulky to lug around for shorter trips) and a small inexpensive umbrella stroller. The latter I wanted to replace.

I bought our umbrella stroller in February. Our son had outgrown his infant car seat and I needed a way to get around with him easily. I was still recovering from my surgery and didn’t need to be lifting our travel system stroller and, honestly, it’s just too large for some places such as the doctor’s office or locker room at the indoor pool. That said, I wanted something simple and inexpensive so that’s what I bought. And what I got.

Overall, it functioned well, but was lacking in a few areas. My main complaints:

  • too short (I had to lean over and I’m 5′-6″ so it was really too short for Trent);
  • the shade was flimsy and our son managed to pull it off one day hurting his finger; impossible to carry any bags on it other than a small purse or diaper change kit; and
  • it only had a 3-point harness which, if our son leaned too far forward, he could almost fall out of.

As the months passed, I knew I wanted something different, but wanted to be sure whatever I chose was the right fit. This is the last stroller purchase. That said, I confess, 3 of the moms in our regular play group have strollers by Maclaren so I had seen firsthand how sturdy and well constructed they were. I looked over my options at CSN and placed my order late on a Monday for the Volo. Just before lunch on Thursday, I found my “buggy” box (oh, how I’m a sucker for the English terminology!). I was quite impressed with the quick shipping particularly since it was free shipping.

My son and I took the Volo out for it’s inaugural ride the next day.  The features I love:

  • it’s tall and has wonderfully cushioned, ergonomic grips making it easy for Trent or me to push;
  • includes a small basket underneath which nicely stows a small diaper bag, my purse, whatever;
  • the seat is removable and washable;
  • it’s very lightweight (only 8.8lbs!), folds easily with one hand and has a carrying strap (great for taking it from the house to the car especially when I’m toting our son as well);
  • both rear wheel brakes lock with a single click on a foot pedal in the center;
  • the canopy is securely fastened on each side and has locking mechanisms on the outside making it easy for me to lock open and keeps our son’s fingers safe;
  • has a raincover to keep our son dry when we are out on rainy days;
  • so sturdy and smooth riding. Seriously, I feel like I could push it all day!
  • A 5-point harness that keeps our son securely in place.

We spent the past week at the beach and took it everywhere – shopping, walking along the waterfront in Morehead City and our multiple visits to the aquarium:

Using our Volo Stroller at the NC Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Note: CSN Stores contacted me with this promotional opportunity and I received a giftcard to use toward the purchase of an item for my review. However, all opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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