Disney Junior Characters at Hollywood Studios

On our very first full day in Walt Disney World last May, we visited Hollywood Studios. I wasn’t sure if my daughter would be interested in meeting any of the characters. We decided to walk over to the Disney Junior Character Meet & Greet for a peek while the boys rode Tower of Terror for the second time.

Hollywood Studios: Disney Junior Characters digital scrapbook page

Credits: Clean Lined Pocket Templates No 1 by Sahlin Studio; Project Mouse Classic bundle, Princess elements, No 2 journaling cards, A Day in the Park word bits, and Autograph cards by Britt-ish Designs & Sahlin Studio.

We saw Doc McStuffins’ photo spot first. I asked my daughter if she wanted to meet Doc. She replied with an enthusiastic “yes!” so we headed to the line. She anxiously waited her turn and was disappointed when Doc needed a 5 minute break. We were about 3rd in line at that point and she managed (as toddlers do) to wiggle herself up to the very front to check out the photo spot.

The Disney PhotoPass Cast Members were great about playing along with her curiosity of the setup and concern that Doc had left. They reassured her that Doc would be back and, as her return got near, carefully helped me return my daughter to the line to wait. When our turn finally arrived, she took a couple steps forward and froze. Turns out Doc is pretty big in real life and a bit intimidating when you’re 2. Thankfully, she let me hold her relatively close so we could get a couple of photos.

One by one I asked her if she wanted to meet the rest of the Disney Junior characters and, each time, she answered “yes” so we hopped in line. Each time she wasn’t so sure about them once it was our turn. And that’s ok. We still had fun and got several cute photos thanks to our Memory Maker purchase. One of my favorites is playing Peek-a-Boo with Jake.

Playing With Jake at Hollywood Studios

Now, 2 months later, my daughter loves looking at the photos and telling me how she met Doc, Jake, Pluto, and Sofia. She’ll even tell us she hugged a few characters. Nope. Not a single hug the entire week. She did give Mickey a high five on one of our last days. Maybe next time he’ll get a hug too.

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    • The CFA cows are kinda creepy. LOL My daughter wants no part of those either and hid behind me in the booth when one passed by during Cow Appreciation Day. From the view on TV or in books to the view when characters are right in front of you is such a different thing. My son was iffy about them too at this age. Now he'll seek them out.

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