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Disney Swap: DIY Baymax Pouch Complete

DIY Baymax Pouch

November 7, 2018 Sarah Coggins
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In the spring I caught a glimpse of The Disney Swap on Instagram. I was too late to participate in that round, but followed closely and signed up for the fall swap when the opportunity arose early last month. A week later I received details on who my partner was and what a few Disney related details. Her favorite character was Baymax from Big Hero 6 which immediately inspired my plans.

Baymax Goodies for Disney Swap exchange - peach buds candies, Hallmark Itty Bitty toy, Disney trading pins, custom Baymax pouch, and red glow sticks.

The full box of goodies I sent included a cute Baymax itty bitty, Hiro & Baymax trading pins, glow sticks (for fun because I was sending it out prior to Halloween), Butterfield’s Peach Buds candy (local to my area), and, possibly my favorite, a cute Baymax pouch. The latter I made for her. It was super easy.

Simple DIY Baymax Pouch

Here’s how to create your own Baymax pouch:


  • Canvas Pouch
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Cut File
  • Silhouette or Cricut machine
  • Hook or Weeder Tool (optional)
  • Iron or Heat Press
  • Ribbon


Step 1 Size your design and cut from heat transfer vinyl using machine.

Step 2 Weed out areas that are not part of the design. For Baymax, I only wanted to leave the outline and eyes.

Simple DIY Baymax Pouch: Weed Vinyl Design

Step 3 Position on pouch. Press with hot iron or mini heat press and hold for 45-60 seconds. Check to see if plastic will cleanly peel away. If not, repeat.

Baymax Canvas Pouch: Place Design

Step 4 Gently remove the clear plastic to reveal the design.

Step 5 Cut a 3″ strip of ribbon. Fold in half and insert through hole on zipper pull.

Baymax Canvas Pouch: Add Ribbon

Step 6 Tuck ends through ribbon loop and pull to secure. Trim ribbon ends at an angle and use a lighter near the ends to carefully melt. (Be sure to just get the flame close to the ribbon and not actually touch it. You don’t want to burn the ribbon.)

Disney Swap: DIY Baymax Pouch Complete

Enjoy or gift your new customized pouch! These would be perfect for Disney Cruise Line fish extender gifts too.

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