DIY Dinosaur Ornaments Tutorial

Quite often I see something in a store, online, or in a catalog and think “I can make that.” I don’t follow through quite as often, but, in this case, with the help of my son, we recreated some cute dinosaur ornaments. How fun would this be on your tree or added to a Christmas package as decoration?

DIY Dinosaur Ornaments: Step by Step Tutorial

They are really easy to make. Here’s how …


DIY Dinosaur Ornaments: Supplies


Step 1 Cut a small piece of thread and tie it around the dinosaur toy. Then create a loop. This will be what you will use to hang the ornament from the tree so keep that in mind when placing it.

Step 2 Use the glitter glue to decorate your dinosaur and “bling it up.” Use one or more colors. Add it on thick or add just a little. The possibilities are endless. Once you like how it looks, let it dry completely.

DIY Dinosaur Ornaments: Add Glitter

Step 3 Cut about a 2 inch section from one pipe cleaner using the pliers. Carefully wrap the pipe cleaner around the dinosaur’s neck.

DIY Dinosaur Ornaments: Cut Pipe Cleaners

DIY Dinosaur Ornaments: Complete and Ready to Hang

Step 4 Hang and enjoy your new ornaments!

DIY Dinosaur Ornaments: Step by Step Tutorial

DIY Dinosaur Ornaments: Step by Step Tutorial

Are you going to hang your dinosaur ornaments on your tree or shared with a loved one?

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