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Edge Tween Club on Disney Cruise Line

December 16, 2023 Sarah Coggins

Disney Cruise Line announced a change in the age range for their youngest youth clubs (Oceaneer Club and Lab) which removes access for kids ages 11-12. Those ages have always had access to the tween club Edge. It’s a different design and structure for older youth. Having experienced Edge on 4 ships between January 2022 and January 2023, our son had a chance to visit the locations on all 3 current ship classes. I asked his opinions for writing this post to help other families understand and prepare for this new to them experience.

Disney Cruise Line: Edge Tween Club. What to know about this space just for tweens.

Photo shows entrance door to Edge on the Disney Wish.

Edge Club Overview

Disney Cruise Line has 3 youth clubs aimed at different age groups: Oceaneer for kids ages 3-10; Edge for tweens ages 11-14; and Vibe for teens ages 14-17. Edge is generally open from lunchtime to midnight with activities geared toward tweens. The activities vary from day to day and can include crafts, video games, scavenger hunts around the ship, meet ups at the sports deck, and “takeover” of the teen club, Vibe.

Playing video games in Vibe on the Fantasy during a tween “takeover”

One of the big differences between Edge and Oceaneer is that tweens can come and go as they please. In the Oceaneer locations, parents check kids in and out unless they have given permission for their kids to do so themselves.

Where to Find Edge

The location for Edge varies across the ship classes:

Magic Class (Magic & Wonder) – find Edge on deck 9, Midship. The space is the smallest of all the ships, but it is super convenient to drinks and snacks on the pool deck.

Overview look at Edge on the Disney Wonder

Dream Class (Dream & Fantasy) – Edge has a cool hidden hangout in the foward Funnel. Access via a stairwell or, for tweens only, tap your KTTW card to take the elevator to Deck 13. The space is larger than the Magic class ships, away from the general public, and still fairly convenient to drinks and snacks.

Triton Class (Wish, Treasure, and future unnamed ship) – Edge is tucked away on Deck 5, Aft with easy access from the Aft stairs & elevators. It has the coolest space design and layout of all the ship classes. The biggest drawback is location being far from pool deck for snacks and drinks. There is soda option in club, but is canned sodas only and they run out of the day supply quickly.

Lounge space in Edge on Disney Wish with comfy chairs, tables, video screens, and large games (ie, Connect Four) for tweens to enjoy.
Lounge space in Edge on the Disney Wish

We highly recommend visiting Edge on your first day during Open House. This gives your tween a chance to scope out the space and maybe meet a new friend or two. You will also be able to meet a few Cast Members assigned to Youth Activities which makes them familiar faces to you and your tween.


Edge has a different feel and flow than the Oceaneer spaces. The tweens come and go at various times of the day depending on the activities, family plans, and friends they make.

Light up dance floor and window view from the forward Funnel on the Disney Fantasy

From talking to my son, there are 3 things that make for a great experience:

  • Good Cast Member team – having fun, energetic CMs that want to engage with the tweens makes the space and experience more welcoming.
  • Variety in activities – it’s not just video games. Having options and even changing up the schedule a bit depending upon interest in the club at the time makes a difference.
  • Other engaging tweens that want to participate – encourage your tween to go and join in. No, they don’t have to be the most outgoing. Find an activity or make a new friend or two. Try a new game. Who knows – maybe your tween is the Trivia champ for the cruise.

Final Thoughts

Our experiences with Edge have been very positive. It is a big change from Oceaneer. We set ground rules with our son on his first cruise where he was old enough for Edge. That established a good pattern for our future cruises. He has enjoyed a bit more freedom, hanging out with kids his age, and participating in new activities.

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