Elmer the Elephant Inspired Painting

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During a recent trip to the library, my daughter picked out several board books including Elmer. Somehow I had never read this book and, after we did, I was glad she had selected it. Elmer is a colorful patchwork elephant who stands out from all the “normal” gray elephants in his herd. The story is one any of us can relate to of wanting to blend in, but also shares the positive side of being different.

It’s also very inspiring for an art project. Why color an elephant all gray when you can paint him in a rainbow of colors?

Elmer the Elephant inspired Painting


Elmer Elephant inspired Painting: Supplies


Print the patchwork elephant sketch.

Elmer Elephant inspired Painting: Patchwork Elephant Printable
Paint or color your elephant.
Elmer Elephant inspired Painting: Watercoloring
Like Elmer, each painting can be just as unique and different from any other one.
Elmer Elephant inspired Painting: Watercoloring

Enjoy your completed artwork!
Elmer Elephant inspired Painting: Complete

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