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Honeywell TopFill Humidifier overall #HumidifyMe #influenster

End Humidifier Cleaning Battles

January 4, 2017 Sarah Coggins
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Over the years we’ve used a variety of different brands and types of humidifiers in our bedroom to help combat dry winter air and help make breathing easier during cold season. All have had one universal problem though – impossible to clean. As great as using a humidifier is, it can be downright gross if you don’t clean it regularly and throughly. Its moist environment is the perfect spot for mold to grow and that’s the last thing you want to blow into your air and breathe in!

Our battle finally ended last month when Influenster sent us the Honeywell® TopFill Humidifier to try and review. This sleek, stylish humidifier is a game changer when it comes to cleaning battles.

Honeywell TopFill Humidifier overall #HumidifyMe #influenster

No more hard too reach spaces or tiny openings. The entire tank lifts out of the main frame and half of the top is a removable lid. The combination allows full access to fill the tank (I carry ours to our bathroom sink), as well as to clean the entire unit.

Honeywell TopFill Humidifier #HumidifyMe #influenster

An optional demineralization cartridge (included) can be used to help reduce white dust produced by the use of hard water in your humidifier.

Honeywell TopFill Humidifier #HumidifyMe #influenster

Output is managed by a simple turn knob on the front. Depending upon the setting, the humidifier can run up to 36 hours. It will automatically turn off if you forget to refill before then.

Honeywell TopFill Humidifier #HumidifyMe #influenster

My favorite feature besides how easy it is to clean? How quiet the ultrasonic design is. There is a slight whir and a bit of a dripping sound from the water within the tank.

Honeywell TopFill Humidifier #HumidifyMe #influenster

Overall, we have been very pleased with the TopFill Humidifier and would recommend it. If you’re tired of cleaning battles with your humidifier, consider this model the next time you’re ready for a replacement.

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We received a Honeywell TopFill Humidifier complimentary for review purposes from Influenster. This post may contain affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Thanks for supporting my site!

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