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Board Games on Shelf

Entertaining Kids during a Power Outage

September 13, 2018 Sarah Coggins
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Hurricane Florence is already sending a bit of wind our way as I type. Thankfully, her path appears to be heading south of us so we don’t anticipate any true hurricane strength winds, but rain and the few gusts we get may still cause problems. We fully anticipate losing power for at least a short period of time due to downed trees. This had me brainstorming ideas to entertain the kids (and us) during our time stranded at home especially with a power outage and no electronics. If you’re expecting to be in the same predicament, be sure to print a copy to have handy when the WiFi goes out. 🙂

Board Games on Shelf

  1. Board Games – if your family is anything like ours, you’ve got LOTS of board games. Many of ours haven’t been touched in months. (Update – board games are now part of our nightly routine! Find out our favorites here.) Now is the perfect time to pull them out and have some fun.
  2. Coloring – everyone can enjoy this simple craft. Best of all, it’s a good way to relax and destress a little during and after the storm.
  3. Activity Books – pull out any that might be stashed in drawers and incomplete. If you have time to prepare, pick up a few new ones from the dollar store. Think general “fun” books as well as puzzles (crossword, sudoku, etc).
  4. Legos – build a Lego city! Still have instructions? See if you can find all the pieces and rebuild them. Or just have fun getting creative.
  5. Read a Book – a real book. Forget the electronics. Dust off a true physical book and enjoy.
  6. Make Paper Airplanes – all you need for this simple craft is plain printer paper. Experiment with different folding techniques and see who can get their airplane to fly the greatest distance.
  7. Put on a Play – dig through the costume box, dress up, and put on a show!
  8. Photo Albums – remember those? Pull out some old ones or special trips and retell memories.
  9. Play Dough – have fun seeing who can make the longest snake or most unique creature.
  10. Set up a Fort – pull out some sheets and drape them over furniture. Or pop up a real tent indoors. Let imagination take over.
  11. Puzzles – have a stash of puzzles in the closet? Pull them out and see how quickly you can complete them.
  12. Act out a Book – find a favorite picture book and act it out. One of our favorites? Chicka chicka boom boom using magnets.
  13. Glow Sticks – simple, easy fun when evening arrives.
  14. Simon Says – choose one person to call out the moves while the others try not to get caught following directions not accompanied by “Simon Says.”
  15. Plank Challenge – set a timer and see who can hold a plank the longest.
  16. Puppet Show – have fun putting on a puppet show with some on hand. Or create your own using paper sandwich bags and/or old socks.
  17. Clean out Old Clothes – okay, this might be less fun, but if you’re stuck at home and with the changing seasons, now is a great time to pull out any old and/or outgrown clothing. Bag or box up any that are in good condition to donate.
  18. Brainstorm about Future Vacations – start a list of ideas of places you’d like to see in the future.

Above all, stay safe, friends!

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  • Andrea Eisen March 14, 2020 at 10:45 pm
    I love these ideas. I told my daughter I'm assigning her actual PHYSICAL books to read. She's not happy, but she'll get over it. ;) I need to foster that love of reading books in her hands by force for the time being. Although she does love her graphic novels.
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