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Makus Empanadas: Mascot

Evening Out at Makus Empanadas

March 24, 2017 Sarah Coggins

On Wednesday evening, I headed to Durham with Andrea Bates of Good Girl Gone Redneck to take part in the NC Social meet up she and Kate Kelly (Life of a Ginger) helped arrange at Makus Empanadas. Before this adventure I had never had an empanada, but had heard great things and the guys at Makus did not disappoint.

Makus Empanadas: counter

Owners Hernan, Santiago, and Ricky were gracious and welcoming from the start. The pride and enthusiasm they have in their restaurant, their Argentinean heritage, and, of course, their food – is contagious. I think all of us could have hung out and chatted with them all night. As the evening went on, the restaurant faded away and it felt more like we were hanging out in their kitchen.

Makus Empanadas: NC Social Event

Makes Empanadas: bloggers
Jen (Jab’s Plethora) and TaKenya (Kenya Rae) meet for the first time in person

The conversation and story of how they reached this point was as captivating as the food was mouthwatering. Now, I’m the first to admit I’m not a food expert. I like what I like. It’s as simple as that. Y’all, I loved these empanadas. No matter which option(s) you order, they are all correct. Try them. Then try them with the chimichurri sauce.

Makus Empanadas: Chipa Bread & Red Wine
Chipa Bread
Makus Empanadas: tray of empanadas
Empanadas – notice the tiny letters on the edge. This tells you what is inside.
Makus Empanadas: Spinach & Cheese
One of my personal favorites – Spinach & Cheese.
Makus Empanadas: Cochitos
Dessert – Cochitos

Even their giant Empanada dropped by for the fun. Naturally, I had to have a photo! How often do you get to hug an empanada?

Makus Empanadas: Mascot

The night was so enjoyable, we closed the place down. Literally.

Makus Empanadas - Durham, NC

Thanks again to Makus Empanadas for hosting us and treating us to a fun night out! Looking forward to my next visit.

Have you ever had empanadas? Which is your favorite flavor?

Disclosure: our evening was fully hosted by Makus Empanadas, but all thoughts/opinions in this post are strictly my own.


  • Jaime March 24, 2017 at 2:27 pm
    What a fun event and space! I've never made empanadas myself, but they are delicious!
    • Sarah Coggins March 24, 2017 at 9:25 pm
      It was so much fun! I was glad my schedule worked out so I could go. Now to make time to visit again with the family. :)

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