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Hill Ridge Farm: October 2015

Farm Field Trip

October 12, 2015 Sarah Coggins

Last week Dylan’s class went on a field trip to a farm in the northeastern part of our county. Elise & I went along to help chaperone. It was my first time doing so and my first time visiting this particular farm in 14 years! It’s a bit of a drive and, honestly, a bit too “mini amusement” for me. I like my pumpkin farms more simple. But, this was a field trip and designed to tie in with science lessons the class had recently had on rocks and minerals. So, we did take a hay ride (but no pumpkins) and the kids got to mine for gem stones before being set loose to play. That mean running amuck from maze to bounce house to giant slide to corn crib, etc, etc.

Hill Ridge Farm: October 2015

Supplies: Happy Fall, Y’all kit by Meredith Cardall.

I had our jogger stroller in the car, but opted to just carry Elise in our Líllébaby Airflow. It was a wise move. Although the day warmed up to 80 and was very sunny, she & I were pretty comfy plus I could move quickly to keep up with Dylan and his classmate I was in charge of. First grade boys move fast and don’t follow sidewalks (yes, this place is large enough it had sidewalks! And here I was worried with all the recent rain we might need boots for the mud). Also, I could nurse her. Another win. I promise first graders are not going to sit still and let you sit & relax to nurse a baby. Not happening.

Now, back to that no pumpkin part. Apparently since this was a “gem stone” related field trip, pumpkins weren’t part of the plan and therefore not paid for in his field trip money. Fair enough. But I paid the full admission so I asked before leaving because, honestly, I wanted a pumpkin. The lady at the booth told me I could take one from a cart nearby. Y’all, that was the sadest selection of 8 pumpkins I have ever seen. I was too tired from the sun, heat, wearing a 20lb baby, and chasing two 6 year olds for the previous 3 hours to ask again and walk to the “fields” where shipped in pumpkins were spread out.

I searched the 8 pumpkins carefully looking over each one and finally chose the least smushed and damaged one of the bunch. Clearly, I’ve been spoiled by the real patch near our house where we pick off the vine. So, noted, a family trip to a real patch is needed before Halloween. And if I ever think it would be fun to sign up as a field trip chaperone again? Well, it was. Along with completely exhausting!

How do you like to get your pumpkins each year? A patch? Off the vine? From a store?

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  • Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? October 18, 2015 at 10:35 pm
    We have one near our house, but it's $15/person! YIKES! That's way too much, right? We are going on a field trip with E's class and I HAVE to go and it's still $8/person. I have a feeling I'm going to be disappointed, too. But, I know you had to be glad to join them...and pick that super sad pumpkin!
    • Sarah Coggins October 19, 2015 at 11:54 am
      I feel like most of ours are the in $10-12 price point for adults which isn't totally unreasonable with the hayride and some activities, but it is a big hit for the full family. I was in the "discounted" group rate for this and, thankfully, Elise was free. I went more for the memory and time with my kids than any other reason. Some day they won't be as interested in doing this especially with their parents, right?

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