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Kitchen: Cabinet Doors Painting - In Progress

Foreclosure to Home: Year Five Update

September 29, 2017 Sarah Coggins

This week marked 5 years since we purchased our current house. We didn’t set out to buy a foreclosure and had to jump through several hurdles to get there, but I’m glad we persevered. It’s still a work in progress, but we’ve all had a hand in molding it into a home for our family. It’s been a fun and, admittedly exhausting, journey – but one we’re all proud of.

We haven’t made as many updates over the past year, but we did accomplish a few projects …


We replaced the worn out boards and added shingles to the roof of the playset. Next up, we need to re-stain it. We’ve been waiting for the weather to cool off a bit.

Trent and our son removed a section of the fence in our backyard where two trees were pushing it out. They cut out 2 sections, then reinstalled the fence so the trees have space to grow.

Foreclosure to Home: Fence Repair

We have continued to pay for a local organic lawn care company to fertilize our yard and treat the weeds. They just visited last week to burn off the weeds and will return soon to over seed. Fingers crossed this process works better than last year. After being overgrown with weeds when we moved in, the yard has come a long way, but we’d like to further eliminate the weeds.


Replaced the doorbell. Again. I originally replaced it in 2014. Unfortunately, due to it’s location and morning sun, it appears the sun literally dried out/rotted out the button. Thankfully it’s an easy fix. I did choose the same cheap doorbell as before. I may upgrade to something else later.

We added a retractable screen door to the back door. Eventually, we’d like to add a screened in porch, but that project will have to wait. In the meantime, I wanted a screen door so I could leave the door from the kitchen open on nice days especially when the kids are playing in the backyard. The deck is small and a traditional door would eat up a lot of space so we opted for a retractable style instead.

We hired a company to power wash the entire house. This is something we do annually to protect the vinyl siding and prevent mold from growing. We also had them clean out the gutters and (finally!) got one of our downspouts clear again. The blockage? A tennis ball. Any guesses which child tossed it up there? 😉


I managed to take down and paint the upper cabinets and trim over our stove area. I still have 2 more sections to complete …

Kitchen: Cabinet Doors Painting - In Progress

Master Bathroom

Trent replaced the faucet in the shower. An internal piece had broken and we couldn’t fully shut off the water causing a periodic drip.

Guest Room

Painted the walls in the same color I selected for the kitchen – Revere Pewter at 50%. Our guest room doesn’t get a lot of natural light so changing to a lighter paint color really brightened it up nicely.

Guest Room: Fresh Paint - March 2017

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