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Foreclosure to Home: Year Two Update

September 29, 2014 Sarah Coggins

Hard to believe we’ve already been in this house for two years! Time flies. Of course, we’ve been quite busy with home improvement projects during that time. This forgotten, unloved house is making huge progress going from a foreclosure to home. Here’s a recap of what we’ve accomplished in the past year …

Year 2: Fence Repair


Minor repairs to the existing fence including tapping back in pickets that per popping loose and replacing the hinge on one gate. Painted the front door – finally! Oh, how it needed that. Replaced the doorbell with a nice, new decorative one. Repairs to siding and front door at porch along with replacement of a rotted sill at one window (paid for these three – so worth it). Also hired a landscaper to trim up the shrubs at the front of the house and remove a maple tree at the back near the playset – it was too close to the house and would be a lot of trouble later.


Finished straightening up and installed final pieces of Gladiator system we purchased in January 2013 plus added a Crawford Flexible Storage Organizer I won in a giveaway; replaced the garage door opener system.

Year 2: New Garage Door Opener #foreclosuretohome


Installed new pots & pans organizer; purchased new counters, sink & disposal

Dining Room

Hung curtains (taken from Family Room when I decided to change those); replaced light fixture

Year 2: Dining Room

Family Room

Changed the curtains


Added 4 additional Ikea BRANÄS baskets to help contain toys a bit better

Half Bath

Replaced faucet and hot water valve (original of both began leaking); replaced toilet seal

Small Coat Closet

Added new wood shelving and hooks to fully reorganize. See full makeover here.

Master Bedroom

Installation of new ceiling fan (paid for this one as the cathedral ceiling was too high for us to safely reach especially with me being pregnant); added curtains – blackout style to help me nap after Baby Girl arrives 🙂

Year 2: Master Bedroom Ceiling Fan Light Combo

Master Bath

Made roman shades from existing mini blinds; built and installed new shelving in the master closet; replaced toilet seal

Hall Bath

Added new curved shower curtain rod; painted; changed the light fixture and added 2 new towel bars. See full makeover here. Replaced toilet seal (if you’re going to do one, might as well do them all to be safe.)

Hall Bath: New Light Fixture

Our Son’s Room

Added finishing touches to his “big boy” sports themed room

Guest Room / Nursery

Purchased a changing table off Craiglist for $15 and repainted to match yellow dresser; made a quilt and matching crib skirt

Craft Room

Added “new to us” Ikea Lack bookshelf purchased off Craigslist for $35; replaced light fixture with ceiling fan/light combo to match other 2 bedrooms.

See our Year One Update here. I do expect our projects will slow down this upcoming year as we welcome our newest family member and enjoy getting to know her!

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