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Custom Coat Rack: Detail

Get Hung Up on a Custom Coat Rack

January 26, 2015 Sarah Coggins
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I’m slowly working through both my to-do list and checking things off my Pinterest boards. You know – actually doing some of the things I have pinned. Crazy, right? Recipes have been the easiest as it simply means adding to the grocery list and giving a new meal a try. Others, like DIY projects around the house, take a little more planning.

Case in point, I pinned an idea about 6 months ago for a gallery photo display. And, no, I still haven’t done that. But the photo had something else – a DIY custom coat rack. Perfect for our foyer by the front door. We have the wall space and, as I’ve mentioned before, our coat closet is closer to the back of the house.

DIY Custom Coat Rack

We bought the 1×6 board and bronze hooks the same day we purchased our new microwave. After we were home and the microwave installed, I took a closer look at the example and saw how the edges of the board had been routed. I wanted that. But we didn’t own a router and I didn’t really see the purpose in purchasing one for just this one project. After scratching our heads and debating options, Trent came up with a good idea and surprised me with the completed edged board.

Custom Coat Rack: Chamfered Edges

Turns out he clamped a second board to this one and used our circular saw. Then followed up with sanding. Simple and effective. I was thrilled with the result.

Next came my step – painting. Which reminds me, see that red lid on the paint can? It’s the Shur-Line Store and Pour Paint Lid and is one of the best painting investments I’ve made. I use our white semi-gloss paint frequently and this lid keeps the paint from drying out, but also allows me to easily open and pour whenever I need.

Custom Coat Rack: Supplies

I gave the wood two good coats of the semi-gloss white. A little trick here – raise the board up onto a piece of scrap wood to get the edges cleanly.

Custom Coat Rack: Painting

While waiting on the paint to dry, I used our 4 foot level to mark the wall where we wanted to hang the coat rack. Then used a stud finder to locate the studs. We chose to nail it into the studs in two different locations. Sink the nails. Fill the holes. Then touch-up the paint. We nailed the wood trim board in the laundry room in this same fashion a year ago and it’s held well.

Custom Coat Rack: Detail

Finally, I added the three hooks starting with one in the very center and the other 2 approximately 6″ off each end.

Custom Coat Rack: Foyer

The new custom coat rack fits the space perfectly and works well for our coats (naturally we’ve tested it out). Plus we still have space for the inherited horse coat rack for the kids’ jackets.

Cost breakdown: approximately $30
– 1×6 wood board cut to 36″ in length
– 3 bronze hooks
– paint (already owned)
– nails (already owned)
– wood filler (already owned)


  • Rebekah January 26, 2015 at 10:40 pm
    It turned out great! It fits your space perfectly!
    • Sarah Coggins January 27, 2015 at 9:10 am
      Thanks, Rebekah! And thanks for sharing your project. :)

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