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Go Ape Practice Course

Go Ape Raleigh: Date Night + Blogger Meetup

June 12, 2015 Sarah Coggins

Disclosure: I was provided one free ticket and marketing swag in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Can you combine lots of fun into one last minute meet up? Yes, you most definitely can especially when it includes zip lines.

Go Ape: Not Your Ordinary Date Night

Last Friday we had the opportunity to join 3 fellow bloggers for an afternoon of adventure at Go Ape at Blue Jay Point Park in Raleigh. I say “we” because I managed to talk Trent into leaving work early and joining me. This was an experience like no other and timed perfectly as it was the day after his birthday. I’ve mentioned in previous posts how we prefer to give “memories” or experiences in lieu of gifts to each other for special occasions. Plus, we had yet to have a date just the two of us since Elise’s birth. What could be more fun than to take him with me?

Go Ape Date Night
Why go out to dinner or to the movies when you could Go Ape? It’s a date night you won’t forget.

If you are unfamiliar with Go Ape, it’s a treetop adventure course designed for ages 10 and older. The general idea is you spend 2-3 hours in a harness tackling 5 different physically challenging courses that literally take you up into the trees. Each course ends with a zip line ride back to ground level.

You start off with a 30 minute safety instruction by one of the staff members. This is the most important part of the day. I can’t stress this enough. While we bloggers tend to photograph like crazy fools (myself especially), we all had our cameras put away for the majority of this 30 minutes because you need to learn the basics – no one wants to fall out of a tree. That would put a slight damper on the fun. 😉

Go Ape: Always Stay Attached

After everyone in the group was securely harnessed and had time to learn how to use their equipment, it was off to the first course with our instructor to put the lessons in action just a few feet off the ground.

Go Ape Practice Course
Making my way across the first part of the practice course. Photo credit: Theresa Sutton

This is the opportunity to be sure you understand how to hook and unhook your lines as well as ask any questions. The staff does roam the course and check on you periodically, but once you head to Site 2, you are pretty much on your own to work the course at your own pace.

Our full group consisted of 10 people. The 5 of us, a couple on a work trip, a mother & son, and an adventurous man. Our instructor, Cameron, put us into an order to work the course, but also compared it to mini golf and said you can always work it out amongst yourselves. That being said, while our group was initially the lead, we sent Mr Adventure ahead of us. It was clear he was pumped and on the move. We were able to keep a good pace to stay solidly ahead of the other 4 and not hold them up, but also didn’t rush.

Go Ape: Spider Web

This was a definite team building experience. Trent kindly took the lead and gave me a few tips which I passed back to Essense, Reese, and Melisa. We worked at a solid pace and cheered each other on. Each course presented new and different challenges. Some were deceiving with many looking easy until you took that first step – or leap!

Go Ape: Bloggers Tribe #BloggersGoApe
Reese, Melisa, Essense and I Go Ape!

It was an experience like no other. We were laughing and having fun the entire time. Physically challenged for sure. Totally exhausted but also running on an adreline high when we took that final zip line ride down at the end.

I’m not sure we’ve stopped talking about it or thinking of it. Trent & I are not only discussing going again, but how could we work out a trip (sans kids) to try the courses in Williamsburg or North Myrtle as well.

Interested in giving the Go Ape Treetop Adventure a try for yourself? Visit the website to sign up for a day/time and reserve your spot. On the day of your adventure, remember to dress comfortably and to get a little dirty. Because, besides sweating during the physical aspect of this challenge, you might just have a graceful landing or two like I did and end covered in mulch:

Friends, family, date night afternoon – really any occasion – Go Ape is a fun experience that you won’t find any where else.

Thanks again to Go Ape for hosting us. Looking forward to see you again soon!

Want to save on the price of your adventure? Follow Go Ape Blue Jay Point on Facebook or use the code below before June 20, 2015.

Want to experience a tree-top adventure like no other? Book a session at @GoApeUSA before 6/20 and receive 20% off with code 6HKHZ #Raleigh

— Theresa S. (@Reese22) June 8, 2015

Find reviews from the other bloggers here: Bloggers Go Ape at Blue Jay Point – The Importance of Being Reese; Bloggers in the Wild – Mommy This & That; and Go Ape! – Essense Heel. Photographs in this post that were not taken by me, were taken by either my husband or Theresa (Reese) Sutton. Video credits: my husband and Essense Hill.

Go Ape Blue Jay Point is located in Blue Jay Point County Park at 3200 Pleasant Union Church Road, Raleigh, NC 27614. Hours vary. Visit the course site to view available dates/times and sign up or call (800) 971-8271.


  • Julie S. June 15, 2015 at 5:11 pm
    This looks like so much fun! We are definitely in a date night rut!
    • Sarah Coggins June 16, 2015 at 11:28 am
      It had been a solid 8 months for us without a baby along. ;) And probably will be a while again. Our typical date nights are the couch, movie & popcorn after the kids have gone to bed! This was a great experience. I need to plan ahead so we can get out of the house alone and do it again.

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