Happy Halloween – Monsters Inc Style

This past Saturday it was once again time for our playgroup’s annual Halloween party. Everyone came dressed for the festivities ….

Halloween 2012: Group Photo

Our family theme this year was Monsters Inc. The idea started back in the spring when I stumbled across a kids’ Sulley costume at Goodwill for $5. I bought it thinking it would be fun for Dylan’s dress up collection but later decided it would work great for Halloween.

We tried for a family photo similar to last year, but, while he posed for the kids’ shot and the group one above, our little monster refused to pose with just us. I tried begging to no avail …

Halloween 2012: Monsters, Inc

Nope. Not happening. So Trent & I posed just the two of us …

Halloween 2012: Monsters, Inc Mike & Boo

I made both of our costumes. For the Mike costume, I took a green t-shirt we already owned and added fabric to create a giant eye and smile. The hardhat was a thrift find (50 cents). I spray painted it blue using paint leftover from my canvas art project and added a sitcker with the Monsters Inc logo that I created in Photoshop.

Monsters, Inc Costume: Mike's Hat

For the Boo costume, I used her monster costume as inspiration. I combined a sparkly purple dress and sheer gray top – both thrift finds ($7 total). The hat I created using purple felt, leftover white fabric from Mike’s eye (teeth), batting, a headband (free from the NC State Fair last month. I just added sticker “eyes” over the original stickers), and yarn (hair).

Monsters, Inc Costume: Boo's Hat

All in all I spent under $20 to outfit all 3 of us. Hopefully I can do just as well next year and we can get a true family photo. Maybe.

Happy Halloween!

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