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How To Save Dried Out Playdough tutorial with video

How to Save Dried Out Playdough

March 16, 2017 Sarah Coggins
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I often wonder if I’m in the minority here because I love playdough. Yes, it can get messy. It can get stuck to¬†things. But it’s also easy to play with and keeps my 2 year old entertained (screen free!) for extended periods. That makes it a win in my book.

How To Save Dried Out Playdough tutorial with video

However, both of my kids have been known to leave some out. Or play to a point where the dough dries out a bit. I hate being wasteful and throwing it away so I was determined to see if I could somehow salvage the partially dried out playdough. It turns out you can and it’s really easy.


  • Playdough that’s a bit on the dry side (if it’s rock hard, go ahead and toss it)
  • Zipper seal sandwich bag
  • Paper towel
  • Water


Step 1 Compress the dried play dough into a single ball if possible. Then roll it out into a thin pancake like shape to create a large area to absorb the water.

Step 2 Moisten a paper towel with water, fold in half lengthwise and lay the play dough ‘pancake’ inside.

Step 3 Place paper towel and play dough into a zippered plastic bag. Press out any extra air and seal.

Step 4 Let it sit overnight.

Step 5 Open the bag, remove your newly softened playdough and enjoy!

That’s it! Super simple, right?

Looking to create your own homemade playdough? We have a tutorial for that too and a recipe that will leave your hands baby soft. Find it here.

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