Kids Consignment Sale Tips

One of my favorite things each spring and fall? A local kids consignment sale – Kids EveryWear. I’ve been selling and buying clothes, toys, and gear at this bi-annual sale for the last 4 years. It’s definitely helped me “keep down the cost of growing up” as their slogan says. I can clear out old stuff from our home and outfit Dylan for an entire season for as little at $60. The average price I pay per item is under $2 and this is offset (sometimes completely covered) by my own sales depending how many items I sell each time.

I typically make at least 90% of the possible highest amount I can return. How do I know this? For starters, I created a spreadsheet that I update as I price my items. It totals up all my prices plus subtracts out the consignment costs (i.e., Kids EveryWear has a single fee of $12 and then return is 65% of your earnings). I’ve built these amounts into the spreadsheet calculations. This way I can see that my efforts are worth it and have an idea how much money to expect afterwards.

Find my full post on everything from pricing to presentation to get the biggest return possible in kids consignment sales on Mom in Chapel Hill today: Consignment Sale Tips.

Do you shop or sell at consignment sales? Feel free to share any thoughts or tips you have in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. This sale was the first consignment sale in the Triangle I participated in to purchase items and I'm absolutely going back! I was scared to try and volunteer and/or sell but now I'm inspired after reading your post!

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