Laundry Room Reveal

One of the first rooms we started redoing in the foreclosure house was the laundry room. Yes, the laundry room. I know, it seems odd but when you figure how much time you spend in there plus it’s a relatively small room (thus “easy” project to tackle), it made sense.

Laundry Room: After

We actually started in February and while I’ve shared glimpses on Instagram, I’m just now sharing the full photos here. All because I was trying to make it a tad prettier before I got around to nice photos.

To appreciate how far the room has come, here is a before picture taken during one of our visits the month prior to buying:

Laundry Room: Before

Not bad. But rather bland.

First step was painting. I knew I wanted to brighten the room up and had a quart of light yellow paint on hand so I started with that painting the upper third of the room.

Laundry Room: In Progress

I hung beadboard wallpaper on the lower two thirds. (Note: we had some leftover from the cat drawer project at our old house – the adhesive was no longer good. My advice, buy what you need. Use it. Then toss any leftover. I wasted a lot of time hanging old paper that fell off a short time later and then had to start all over.) And we replaced a cracked outlet we discovered when I removed the faceplate during wallpapering.

Laundry Room: Trim Install

Then Trent helped me cut 1x boards and nail them to the walls to extend the original trim around the entire room. This makes a nice separation between the paint and wallpaper.

Along the wall with the door, we added 3 hooks. I can’t say enough about how glad I am we did this. We use these hooks constantly.

Laundry Room: Hooks

Because I still have my “no wasted space” mantra from our last house, I even put to use the space behind the door. This is where we store our lint trap cleaner, mop, broom & dustpan.

Laundry Room: Mop & Broom Storage

Not really fancy stuff but necessary and neat, tidy & unseen in this location. Plus easily accessible when needed.

Finally, I have been “prettying up” the shelf. As it is an open shelf, all the clutter of stuff tossed up there was making me a little crazy when I walked in the room. With a little reorganizing, clearing of stuff that didn’t belong (box of cables? Not really necessary in the laundry room), and addition of two new baskets – the shelf is orderly and the room feels far more peaceful when you enter.

Laundry Room: Open Shelf After

That’s the full completion of the first phase of the laundry room. Yes, I have plans to further alter this room like adding a sink. But that’s for another day. One project at a time.

Sources: Lowes – 1x trim boards, Style Selections Beadboard Paintable Wallpaper, Olympic white semi-gloss paint; Home Depot – Glidden Soft Candlelight eggshell paint; Target – Threshold Heavy Coat and Hat Hooks, ClosetMaid fabric bins; Marshalls and HomeGoods – baskets ; large blue mason jar thrifted; Container Store – Mom & Broom Organizer.

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