Lesson from the Tin Man

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I enjoy all things crafty and that includes sewing. I haven’t spent much time recently using my sewing machine though so it’s been sitting. Last weekend I went to work on a project and it locked up. Even trying to turn the balance wheel by hand was a chore.

Sewing Machine: Fixed

Yes, my desk is a hot mess. #reallife This isn’t Pinterest.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a little stuck in my ways at times and my sewing machine is one of those things. I’ve had that machine for almost 18 years. I know that machine (even more so now). I’m comfortable with that machine. I didn’t want a new one. I wanted mine to work.

Determined to Find the Cause

I pulled out the manual. Both Trent and I looked through it. I opened up the side panel to check the belt. Looked good. I considered the motor, but since the machine was still struggling when we tried turning the wheel manually, I felt confident the motor wasn’t the issue.

Sewing Machine: Repairs

I spoke to a local store and learned I could drop it off for their technician to take a look at. The fee would be $50. Not bad if this was a pricey machine, but I think this machine was around $150 new. I couldn’t see spending a third of that original price just to diagnosis an issue.

Hearing my frustration, Trent removed every possible panel so we could take a look inside. Everything appeared fine – nothing popped loose. No broken springs. It was just stiff.

Sewing Machine: Broken

A Simple Fix

On a whim (a very hopeful whim) on Sunday night, I placed an order on Amazon for sewing machine oil. It arrived Tuesday. That evening I carefully placed a drop or two of oil in the spots noted in the manual. Then tried a couple other spots. With it still open, I plugged it in and pressed down on the foot. It started to slowly go, but was still off. I wasn’t sure.

Trent came to peek and started pressing down the foot. Slowly it started smoothing out until it was running full speed again. As I tackled bedtime routines with the kids, he began putting it back together.

Sewing Machine: Putting it Back Together Again

Turns out, my sewing machine was like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. Apparently I’ve failed at this simple thing for 18 years. *face palm* I’m even more impressed with my machine now. It’s still going even with my failings and now running better than ever. Lesson learned. I’ve had a good laugh at my own expense and am excited to see what else I can create with my sewing machine in the next 18 years.

Have you had big oops moment that made you laugh?

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