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Year 2015: Travel Collage

Looking Back on 2015

January 2, 2016 Sarah Coggins

With the start of the new year, a glance back at the previous one …

Overall, 2015 was a much kinder, giving year in many respects and, for that, I am so thankful.

We found time together as a family of 4 and even completed a few trips including Great Wolf Lodge; Asheville, NC; visits to family in Virginia; and a week on the NC coast. Honestly, just accomplishing trips to both the mountains and sea here in NC in one calendar year had me pretty thrilled. I can’t recall the last time we did that!

Year 2015: Travel Collage

I marked a full year as a stay at home mom again and began putting more effort into this space while working with sponsored content. It all seemed to kick start after the Type A Conference in September 2014. I knew making the Conference this year might be tricky so I held off, but as soon as I saw tickets go on sale for Type A East in Walt Disney World next October? I jumped on the opportunity. I’m excited to see where the information, ideas & networking at this next conference will take me. (There are still tickets available if you are interested in joining in.)

I also took a few small leaps of faith and tried a few new things:

  • I submitted an essay for a book publication. No word, but I’m proud of myself for putting myself out there. If nothing else, watch for it to turn into a blog post later this year. 🙂
  • I applied for a job that really interested me. Again, no response, but I’m okay with that. I’ve been down that road before and I know well that when it’s right, it will all work out.
  • I wrote my first article for Daily Mom. More to come. I just need time and ideas! Typical writer issues, right?

We marked 3 years in our home and knocked a few more projects off the lengthy “to do” list. I confess, I still haven’t gotten around to painting the upper cabinets in our kitchen. My goal is to finally add the trim to the top and tackle those in the next couple of months. Maybe sharing here will help hold me to it?

We said a sad farewell to our beloved tortoiseshell, Cali. I still catch “glimpses” of her around the house from time to time. After 15 years together, it’s hard not to miss her presence. It’s also an adjustment not having a cat at all. Perhaps that will change someday, but I don’t expect it to 2016. For a number of reasons, the timing doesn’t seem to be right to add a new pet to our family.

Year 2015: Moments Collage

Trent & I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. Time truly flies when you are having fun!

My kids have continued to grow, amaze, and challenge me. We’re officially into the school years with one and the toddler years with the other. I’m a bit sad to say farewell to the baby years. I miss those tiny snuggly days, but I am also enjoying watching the two little people they both are becoming.

To 2016, I know there will be highs and there will be lows. Here’s hoping the former outnumbers the latter and that I continue to push myself beyond the comfort zone as Allison would say. 🙂 Looking forward to the many adventures that lay ahead.

Happy New Year! What adventures or goals do you have planned for 2016?

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  • Rachel January 4, 2016 at 10:10 pm
    You had a wonderful year. I love your family pictures and your desire to further yourself in your writing career. Goals for myself? Maybe something on the side that's not writing and more freelance work. Cheers to 2016.
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