DIY Mary Poppins Costume Fun

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For Halloween this year, we all selected costumes based on the movie “Mary Poppins.” My daughter and I wore our costumes for the first time last weekend at our friends’ annual party. Any party with 2 Marys is twice as jolly, right?

Mary Poppins Halloween digital scrapbook page

Credits: July 2016 Blog Challenge template by Pink Reptile Designs; Project Mouse (World): United Kingdom kit and Project Mouse No 2 papers by Britt-ish Designs & Sahlin Studio.

I put together both of our costumes. Her Jolly Holiday dress began as a top and dress I purchased from a recent consignment sale for a combined total of $1.25! I removed the black top from the dress; added a new red ribbon at the waist; and little red bows around the skirt to complete it.

Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Costume: Before

My costume began with a shirt and skirt already in my closet. I ordered the red bow tie and black hat online. Then finished the hat with artificial flowers I purchased at a local craft store. Here’s how to create your own “Mary Poppins” style hat:


  • Black hat
  • Assorted artificial red and white flowers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters

DIY Mary Poppins Hat: Supplies


Step 1 Separate flowers and leaves from the stems. I just gently pulled off several.

DIY Mary Poppins Hat: Separate Flowers

Step 2 Use hot glue to attach flowers and leaves to the hat. Intermix to your own liking!

DIY Mary Poppins Hat: Glue Flowers

Step 3 To add a little pop up sprig in the back similar to Mary’s hat in the movie, clip a longer stem with white flowers using a pair of wire cutters. Then tuck gently into the hat band and glue to hold secure.

DIY Mary Poppins Hat: Clip Flowers

Step 4 Once you are happy with the amount of flowers and look, your Mary Poppins hat is complete and ready for Trick or Treating fun!

DIY Mary Poppins Hat: Complete


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