Meet our New Kitten – Bertie

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Our family recently grew by 4 furry feet when we welcomed Bertie, a diluted tortoiseshell kitten. The kids had been begging for a new cat – especially our oldest who could still remember having one in our home. After a good bit of thinking and discussion, it felt like the time was finally right.

Bertie the Diluted Tortie

Bertie’s Gotcha Story

Our goal that particular Saturday had nothing to do with adopting a cat. Or even looking at any. We had been discussing getting a new cat, but I suggested to the kids that we wait another month. We had an upcoming vacation and it seemed smart to wait until after we returned.

I was also concerned about our dog, Lady. Based on what we know, she’s never been around cats. She’s older (nearly 14). I didn’t want to upset or stress her out. I also wanted to be sure the kids still gave her attention.

That Saturday afternoon we stopped into PetSmart to look for something for Lady. A cat adoption event was going on and, naturally, the kids and I gravitated over to look. There were quite a few to see, but one stood out a bit to both my son and me. As I began talking to a lady nearby about my concerns (finding a cat that would do well with my kids and could be safely introduced to our dog), I found out she was the foster mom for the kitten I was looking at. The more we talked and the more questions she answered for me, the more I felt we had found our cat.

Cat Adoption Event: Meeting Bertie

Even with a looming vacation, I filled out the adoption paperwork. I texted a friend that has cat sit for us in the past to check availability for the dates of our trip (success!). And then we waited. It took a few days to get approval. Then the foster mom and I chatted and agreed to meet back at PetSmart the following Saturday to complete the adoption.

Choosing a Name

Selecting a name was truly a family event. We all had thoughts and suggestions. Our 10 year old listed the considerations (along with his own preferences) on a sheet of paper. The final two contenders were Belle and Sherbet. Forget that 3 out of 4 agreed with the former, a certain stubborn child was set on Sherbet.

Bertie on top of Cat Tree - August 2019

I might have considered Sherbet had we adopted an orange cat. For a grayish diluted tortie it just didn’t seem to fit. And, mom confession, the strong “sher” sound my kids kept saying repeatedly made me twitchy. Thus, at my suggestion, we compromised on “Bertie.”

It’s cute, simple, and seems to fit her. Bertie has made her way happily into our lives. Even Lady almost likes her. They aren’t the best of friends just yet, but they do interact and Lady is gentle with Bertie.

Bertie - September 2019

Where to Adopt

We were very pleased with our experience adopting Bertie through Purr Partners. Our previous cats were also adopted (SPCA of Wake County and Best Friend Pet Adoption). If you are in the Triangle and looking to add a cat to your family, I highly recommend checking out any one of these organizations.

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