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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Themed Family Halloween Costumes

Mickey and Minnie Themed Family Costumes

October 31, 2019 Sarah Coggins
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When trying to pick a family theme for Halloween this year, we tossed around a lot of ideas including Toy Story 4. We finally all agreed on Mickey and Minnie costumes with a vintage twist for the kids.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Family Halloween Costumes

Our son came up with the idea of doing Steamboat Willie and the ideas began flowing from there. We had a lot of fun putting together our costumes and coordinating Trunk or Treat decor.

Steamboat Willie and Vintage Minnie

The kids’ vintage Mickey and Minnie costumes were easy to piece together. I started with solid black shirts (both found at consignment) paired with gray shorts for him (another consignment win) and a gray/white dotted skirt for her (already in her closet). She insisted on adding the black leggings which, on a cooler October would have been perfect, but she has rocked even in 80 degree heat!

Steamboat Willie and Vintage Mickey at Trunk or Treat

For their ears and hats, I purchased simple black mouse ear headbands and made the hats myself. I used felt and loosely followed instructions from Disney. Instead of using a soup can as the tutorial suggested for the Steamboat Willie hat, I used a toilet paper tube. The dimensions fit our purchased ears better and it was lighter weight to wear.

Supplies to Make Steamboat Willie and Vintage Minnie Mouse Ears

Steamboat Willie and Vintage Minnie Mouse Ears

I cut the ship’s wheel out of foam board using an x-acto knife. My quilter’s square was handy for quick sketching of the lines at the correct angle. The cat was less helpful and more entertaining as she attempted to take off with my pencil as a new toy.

Making Steamboat Willie's Ship Wheel Costume Prop

Modern Mickey and Minnie

We went super simple on our adult modern versions of Mickey and Minnie. I ordered costume t-shirts online from the Disney Store. My sparkly Minnie ears were already in my Disney stash.

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse Costume T-Shirts from the Disney Store

I made my husband’s ears with felt sewn on to a black baseball cap we already owned. I followed this tutorial plus added a bit of batting. Our felt wasn’t quite as stiff as the felt used in the tutorial so this helped make sure the ears stayed up. I thought they came out pretty cute!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Themed Family Trunk or Treat

We had a blast over the weekend dressing up for a party and Trunk or Treat. Fingers crossed the forecasted rain takes a break tonight so we can have some Trick or Treat fun too. Happy Halloween!

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