Painted Comets

It’s been a while since I shared a kid craft. Here’s a new one we tried this past weekend at Astronomy Days at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences – Painted Comets.


  • white paper
  • paint in 3 colors
  • small plastic scraper or squeegee
  • cookie tray (or cardboard to push paint onto)

Select paint colors. We used three. Squirt a small dot with the first color. Then create a ring around it in the 2nd and 3rd colors.

Painted Comet: Circles

Take a scraper and pull the paint across the page onto the tray to create the comet.

Painted Comet

Set the painting aside to dry. Enjoy.

I would share a photo of our completed painted comet, but it had a little mishap on the way home. Guess we’ll have to give this one another try.


We had better luck with his painted comet in January 2015 as we planned ahead to do this activity early and allow for more drying time. And, interestingly, Dylan chose the exact same colors in the same order!

Painted Comet

I highly recommend checking out Astronomy Days. It’s a fun annual event featuring crafts, hands on activities, presentations, etc.

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