Preschool 4s Class Photo Book

I’m working to wrap up projects before our family expands and I’m distracted with snuggling a newborn. That included finishing Dylan’s Preschool 4s Class Photo Book. It ended up better & bigger than the Preschool 3s book I shared last year. I started with the same template on Shutterfly but changed the cover design.

Preschool Fours Photo Book: Front Cover

Here is a peek at a few of the pages:

Preschool Fours Photo Book: Halloween

Halloween art projects and the fun class hallway decor


Preschool Fours Photo Book: Graduation

Last year of preschool has to include Preschool Graduation and a page devoted to his sweet drawing in response to “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Preschool Fours Photo Book: Art Collage

One of the many collage spreads for those extra bits of art we didn’t have a date or theme for.

On the back I used a simple 9 photo design to showcase a few extra photos Рmost were taken by the school and sent to us via email:

Preschool Fours Photo Book: Back Cover

Pre-baby, I’m a bit ahead on his kindergarten photo book. I’ve been trying to scan or photograph paperwork/artwork as it is sent home. Typically his teacher sends it all home on Fridays. Since all I know are the weeks I’m getting it (no other dates included) I’m mainly focusing right now on labeling the images with the quarter they were completed in. I plan to organize the book by quarter to help show how his artwork, handwriting, etc improves as the year progresses. And, a huge plus – his class is using a Shutterfly¬†share site which will make it easy for me to grab photos from various special events and field trips to include.

Want more tips on how to easily create an annual school photo book for your child’s artwork, photographs, etc? Check out my original post here.

Do you create photo books of your kids’ artwork? Share a link. I’d love to see!

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